1.7-Megapixel Image Sensors Feature 2:1 Aspect Ratio, 120-dB Dynamic Range

OmniVision Technologies Inc.
September 21, 2016

Built on 4.2-micron OmniBSI split pixel technology, the OV10650 delivers 1820 x 940 resolution at speeds up to 60 fps with a 120-dB dynamic range. Also on tap, the OV10652 delivers the same performance and specifications as the OV10650, but adds an RCCC color filter pattern for automotive camera integrators designing front-view advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Both OV10650 and OV10652 are specified to meet the standards required by the 2018 New Car Assessment Program (NCAP). Systems based on these sensors can enable features such as pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, headlamp control, forward collision warning, and traffic sign detection. The OV10650 and OV10652 each come in AEC-Q100 Grade 2-qualified, 9.5 mm x 6.8 mm chip scale packages. They also contain an advanced set of features to enable ISO26262 ASIL B-rated camera systems. Both sensors are currently available for sampling and are expected to enter volume production in the third quarter of 2017.

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