A range of 2 – 40
A 1,200 V SiC junction barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes enables a wider range of
applications that benefit from the high switching efficiency, fast recovery,
and consistent temperature characteristics of SiC technology. The robust
devices feature low forward voltage (VF) that enable high efficiency
and reliability using diodes with lower current rating. The SiC technology targets
cost-conscious applications including solar inverters, industrial motor drives,
home appliances, and power adapters.


STMicro_N3944I -1200V SiC diodes_may2017



The higher
efficiency margin provided by devices’ lower VF delivers benefits
for automotive equipment such as on-board battery chargers and charging stations
for plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. The overall robust electrical
performance also targets telecom and server power supplies, high-power
industrial switched-mode power supplies and motor drives, uninterruptible power
supplies, and large solar inverters.


The low VF also helps reduce operating temperature and
extend application lifetime.
The 1200V SiC
diode family
covers current ratings from 2 to
40 A, including automotive-qualified devices, in surface-mount DPAK High-Voltage
and D²PAK, or through-hole TO-220AC and TO-247LL (Long-Lead) packages. Pricing
starts at $2.50 for the 10 A STPSC10H12D in TO-220AC, for orders of 1,000