Dialog’s sensor kit, powered by two AA batteries, delivers cloud connectivity and a range of up to 300 meters

Heather Hamilton, contributing writer

Dialog Semiconductor recently unveiled a new
15-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) SmartBond Multi-Sensor kit at Sensors Expo 2018,
held in San Jose. The kit, which claims to offer simple ways for sensors to
connect to the cloud with low-power use and a small footprint, is built on
Dialog’s DA14585 SmartBond system-on-chip. Dialog touts the new kit is the
lowest power wireless sensor kit available today and supports more sensors than
any other kit.


The sensor kit comes equipped with Bluetooth
wireless communications, an ARM Cortex-M0 processor with accelerometer,
gyroscope, magnetometer, and environmental sensors to reduce development time.
According to the website, the sensor kit is suitable
for use in smart tags/ beacons, cloud-connected wireless sensors, asset
tracking, voice-controlled sensor reading, voice-controlled actuator settings,
wearables, immersive gaming, augmented reality, 3D indoor mapping/navigation, and
weather stations.


Developers will be able to collect a variety of
environmental data, which includes things like temperature, humidity, gas
concentrations, motion, light, sound, and magnetic field. In a press release, Dialog notes that the kit is
well equipped for projects working on accelerated time-to-market deadlines as
well as rapid prototyping schedules.


In addition, the kit is highly customizable with
software that is easily tailorable to allow for use in a variety of
applications and updates remotely via Software Upgrade over the Air (SUOTA)


Targeting engineers and educational institutions
developing internet of things (IoT) applications, the kit offers “a
comprehensive sensor solution, with flexibility across hardware and software
that includes extensive cloud support,” which Dialog maintains will open up
additional possibilities like visualization of data, remote sensor management,
Alexa support, alert notifications, and cloud-based actuator control. 


The kit works with two AA batteries, offers a
long battery life and range of up to 300 meters. Data is processed locally via Dialog’s
SmartFusion software, which will minimize interference and power consumption
before data is sent to a smartphone or Bluetooth Raspberry Pi gateway to the


Sean McGrath, senior vice president and general manager
of the Connectivity Business Group at Dialog, believes that one of the most
important parts of the IoT is the ability to gather and process sensor data.
“Our SmartBond Multi-Sensor Kit has been designed to deliver world class
performance with the utmost flexibility and longevity. It has been built to
exceed current and future requirements as the IoT continues to advance with new
applications and greater capabilities,” he said.


The sensor kit is supported by Dialog’ software
suite, including application software for the DA14585, cloud gateway software
for Raspberry Pi, and web and mobile applications for Android and iOS.