AP7380 series of ultra-low dropout regulators operate from 24-V input voltage
range and offers various fixed output voltage options to address common system
requirements. These features, combined with high accuracy and an ultra-low
quiescent current, make this device well suited for use in various USB power,
portable equipment, consumer, instrumentation, and metering applications.

dropout regulators offer a 3.5- to 24-V input voltage range that enables
operation from standard 5-, 9-, and 12-V system power rails with sufficient
overhead to cope with supply transients. Regulated output voltage variants at
3.0, 3.3, 4.15, 4.4, and 5.0 V are offered, supporting common point-of-load
requirements. The device provides line/load regulation, maintaining a room
temperature output accuracy of 1.0% under all I/O voltage conditions up to a
maximum rated load current of 150 mA.

The regulator features a dropout voltage of 250
mV at an output voltage of 5 V and load current of 50 mA, while the device’s
quiescent current of 1.8 mA minimizes standby power and extends the
operating life of battery-powered equipment. The device also integrates a
thermal shutdown function to protect equipment from overtemperature conditions.
The AP7380 series is offered in SOT25 and SOT89 packages.