Imagine sitting on the couch in front of your TV with family and friends, using only your arms and palms as multi-touch interaction devices. No remote, mouse, keyboard or cables. You can organize pictures, explore maps, operate menus, browse your music collection, scan through movies, surf the web, and play video games from the comfort of your couch in a natural, intuitive way. This is the future, here, now. Natural Interaction allows consumer electronic devices – TV, gaming, cars, GPS, mobile – to adapt to the user instead of making the user adapt to the device.

Thin displays, home theater PCs, advanced set-top boxes, IP TV and other technologies (as recent as 3D TV) deliver genuine entertainment experiences. Nonetheless, they are all controlled by standard infrared remote control units, invented over half a century ago. A hands-free, gesture-based control paradigm is the most-suitable natural interaction method. Low-cost, hands-free, gesture-based control is enabled via a three-dimensional view of the living room scene.

3D Gesture Interface for Touchless Interaction of IPTV, 3DTV, PC & Gaming DevicesNatural interfaces create a bridge between machines and humans that allow users to interact with technology in a natural and intuitive way. We envision a nearby future where the entire ecosystem of consumer electronics co-exists with humans in a way that makes life easier by bringing together all the elements of the human sensory experience – voice, sight, touch, biometrics, full-body movements and hand gestures.

Natural Interaction allows more personalization options such as identification and profiling by enabling a direct connection to the user’s preferences. With Natural Interaction devices capture body movement and translate that movement so the user can control their environment. Devices can now learn from the user and anticipate what they like in any environment. Natural interaction also provides new monetization opportunities such as branding and advertising in an application or game, based on what the user likes and uses.

With 3D, search and recommendation, personalization and OTT (Over the Top) content dominating the living room at IBC this year, natural interfaces are the next step in the transformation of the living room and beyond by enabling rich interaction and compelling experiences from your couch with “control by gesture” immersion applications. There are numerous examples of living room applications that can make excellent use of a natural interaction paradigm. These include TV watching, content browsing and consumption (for example, TV content, pictures and music), web browsing, social interaction, fitness exercising and many more.