austriamicrosystems introduced AS5410, an Absolute Linear Position Sensor (Absolute Linear 3D Hall Encoder). The AS5410 allows absolute position sensing of a simple two-pole magnet immediately after starting up the device without the need for a prior reference run within the application. Position sensing is possible over large mechanical travel distances even with very small magnets: a travel distance of 40mm does not pose a problem for a small, 4 x 4 x 3 mm sized NeFeB magnet, for example. Moreover, the 3D Hall solution’s output remains stable even when the device is subject to external stray magnetic fields. This feature is a worldwide first and the result of a special differential measurement technique including several 3D Hall sensor elements.

Absolute Linear Position Sensor - 3D Hall Encoder AS5410Programming the internal EEPROM of the AS5410 allows to convert a wide range of geometries including curved movements, non-linear scales, and tilted chip/magnet geometries into a linear output signal. In order to achieve a perfectly linearized output (up to 0.5% accuracy), the AS5410 linear position sensor provides an internal linearization table with 33 base points. With four preset basic operating modes which are selectable via SPI, the austriamicrosystems AS5410 3D Hall encoder offers quick and easy configuration. All signal conditioning is on chip, including compensation for temperature effects. Key features of AS5410 include:

  • Absolute position sensing of 3D magnet trajectories
  • Insensitive to external magnetic stray fields (differential principle)
  • Up to 14-bit full scale resolution
  • 33 point linearization
  • Programmable output characteristic
  • Configurable threshold position switch
  • SPI and PWM output
  • Re-configurable E²PROM on-chip

Applications of AS5410 Absolute Linear Position Sensor

  • Automotive pedal absolute position measurement
  • Plunger absolute position measurement
  • HVAC flap absolute position measurement
  • Absolute position measurement of various trajectories up to 50 mm movement range
  • Extended range (> 50 mm) through cascading of several AS5410s