Xradia Inc., a developer and manufacturer of high-resolution 3D X-Ray imaging systems offers 3D X-Ray Microscopy for Semiconductor IC Failure Analysis. Xradia MicroXCT-200 3D X-Ray imaging enables customers in the electronics and semiconductor industry to address semiconductor packaging development and failure analysis challenges while evaluating the purchase of their own systems.

3D X-Ray Microscopy for Semiconductor IC Failure AnalysisXradia MicroXCT-200 is an industry leading platform for 3D X-Ray imaging. This new class of X-Ray computed tomography scanner features sub-micron pixel resolution and impressive high contrast imaging capabilities for a larger range of sample sizes and shapes. In addition, the Xradia MicroXCT-200 detectors provide superior contrast, even for low absorption materials. The system comes equipped with multiple magnification detectors for easy zoom-in during imaging. 3D X-Ray capabilities eliminate the need for physical cross sectioning and delayering for many applications, which reduces analysis time and prevents method induced artifacts.

The MicroXCT-200 is a versatile 3D X-Ray imaging system suited for non-destructive analysis of a large variety of samples. Its unique design allows for high resolution imaging for relatively large samples. Its detectors are tailored to image both high and low absorption materials. The MicroXCT-200 provides the unique high resolution 3D imaging ability that allows analysis and visualization of internal fine 3D structures in intact samples, which is not possible with typical surface analysis tools like the AFM, SEM or conventional CT systems.