3W industrial DC/DC converters for space-critical applications

A series of compact 3W DC/DC converters has been announced by Artesyn, which targets a range of low power applications – including data and telecommunication, instrumentation, computer peripheral equipment, industrial automation and mobile battery-powered systems.

The AYA series of isolated DC/DC converters comprises 28 variants, each of which is available in a mini dual-in-line package with through-hole mounting terminations.

The series converters are said to feature four 2:1 input range variants: 4.5 to 10V; 9 to 18V; 18 to 36V; and 36 to 75V inputs. Within each of these input categories, there is a choice of four single output models, offering voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 and 15V, and ±5, ±12 or ±15V dual output models.

Encapsulated in a 14 x 14mm plastic case, the converters measure 8mm in height and offer up to 87° conversion efficiency. Temperatures range from -40 to 85° with suitable derating. According to the company, the converters use 100kHz fixed frequency switching to minimise the need for external EMI filtering and comply with the EN 55022 class A and FCC level A standards for conducted noise.

The converters with output voltages of 5V or higher are rated at 3W power output, whereas the four 3.3V models are rated at 2W. Standard features include 1500V DC input/output isolation, overload protection and continuous (hiccup mode) protection against output short-circuit.

Peggy Lee