Cryptography consists of Block Ciphers. One of such block cipher algorithm is the 3-Way Algorithm. It was designed by Joan Daemen and has a key and block size of 96 bits. 3-way algorithm is an iterated block cipher that repeats some relatively simple operations a specified number of times. A related key attack on 3-way requires one related key query and 2 22 chosen plaintexts.

Merits of 3-Way Algorithm

  • 3-way algorithm is efficient in wide range of platforms from 8-bit processors to specialized hardware.
  • 3-way algorithm resembles more mathematical features which enable all the decryption to be done in exactly same way as in encryption.
  • 3-way encryption ensures total security in on-line transactions.
  • This algorithm provides additional security to protect customers order information such as credit card numbers.

DeMerits of 3-Way Algorithm

  • 3-WAY algorithm requires a lot of space for its execution.
  • Resynchronization is one of the main problems in 3-way algorithm.

Applications of 3-Way Algorithm

  • Three way algorithms are used in web browsing, electronic mail, internet faxing, instant messaging and voice-over-IP.
  • 3-way algorithm has prominent role in establishing network over wide ranges.
  • They are used in many web applications.
  • 3-way algorithm provides more security when compared to any other algorithms.

Steps Involved in 3-Way Encryption

  • Information is coded between the customer and our server.
  • An e-mail is sent to merchant (the information where it is to be transmitted) notifying the order, when the Information is coded on our own hard drive.
  • At last when the merchant retrieves the order, the third coding takes place.

Steps Involved in 3-Way Decryption

  • The server must use a RSA key exchange mechanism.
  • RSA key mechanism can be replaced by Diffie-Hellman key exchange mechanism also.
  • We must have access to server’s private RSA key and be able to be coped to the required destination.
  • Outputting a fake 3-way TCP handshake is possible for the decrypted traffic. Thus by keeping the TCP sequence numbers up to date, decrypted server satisfies all the client requests.