Flexible cables are 100-percent tested for skew match

By Nicole DiGiose, technical content editor

Pasternack unveiled a new line of
skew-matched cables
for use in
high-speed digital tests of 10 Gbits/s to 28 Gbits/s, including differential
signals, bit-error-rate testing, and eye diagrams. The line consists of three
new models that provide a 1-ps delay match. These flexible cables deliver VSWR
of 1.4:1; are 100-percent tested for skew match, and include polarity
indicators and restraint bands to keep themselves paired up. 

Image source: Pasternack.

With a frequency range of DC to 40 GHz, the cables cover two
channels with 50-ohms nominal impedance.  Suitable for networking, semiconductor test,
and supercomputing industries where skew match is important, the cables are
made of microporous PTFE cable dielectric and feature triple-shielded outer
conductors, 2.92-mm male connectors, and finger-grip coupling nuts.

Key specs include the following:

  • 1 ps delay
  • VSWR of
  • 100-percent
    test up to 40 GHz
  • Extremely
  • Polarity
    indicators on cable ends

“These skew
matched cable pairs perfectly complement our existing line of high-speed vertical
and end launch connectors,” said Dan
, product manager at Pasternack,
in a press release. “They are extremely flexible while providing exceptional
performance, plus we can ship them out right away.”

Pasternack’s skew matched cable pairs are in stock with no minimum
order quantity. For additional information on these products, visit pasternack.com.