62% efficient Gen9HV LDMOS transistor for particle accelerators

Ampleon has announced the BLF13H9L750P, a 750-Watt Gen9HV LDMOS RF power transistor designed for use in particle accelerator applications operating in the 1.3 GHz spectrum.

Constructed in a ceramic 4-lead SOT539 format and available both in a flanged bolt downpackage (BLF13H9L750P) and a flanged earless package (BLF13H9LS750P), the transistor delivers what is believed to be the highest efficiency available in its class of better than 62%. With a high operating efficiency specification, the transistor is designed to help deliver significant power savings when compared to other solid-state competitor devices.

The BLF13H9L(S)750P transistors also feature a market-leading gain of 17 dB, says Ampleon.

Bethan Grylls