NXP Semiconductors announces a new laterally
diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology for RF power transistors
designed for operation up to 65 V. This extra-high voltage LDMOS process will
give rise to a new generation of products: the MRFX series. The first product
in the MRFX series is the MRFX1K80, the industry’s most powerful continuous
wave (CW) RF transistor. It is designed to deliver 1,800-W CW at 65 V for
applications from 1 to 470 MHz and is capable of handling 65:1 voltage standing
wave ratio (VSWR).






The MRFX1K80 is targeted for industrial,
scientific and medical (ISM) applications such as laser generation, plasma
etching, magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI), skin treatment and diathermy, as
well as particle accelerators and other scientific applications. The MRFX1K80
is also designed for radio and very high frequency (VHF) TV broadcast
transmitters. Industrial heating, welding, curing or drying machines currently
using vacuum tubes will also benefit from the higher level of control that
solid state enables.


The MRFX1K80H transistor in an air cavity ceramic
package is currently sampling, with production expected in August 2017.
Reference circuits for 27 MHz and 87.5-108 MHz applications are available now. In
a few months, NXP will offer the over-molded
plastic version, the MRFX1K80N, that reduces the thermal resistance by 30
percent for further reliability and ease of use. For pricing or additional
information, please contact your local NXP sales office or NXP approved

For more information, visit www.nxp.com/65V