650W medical power supply range

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has announced a wide input, single output series of medical power supplies. Featuring a standard 4 x 6in footprint, devices in the CNS650-M range are said to deliver 650W with forced-air cooling (750 W peak) or 400W with convection cooling (650 W peak). No load consumption is said to be less than 500mW.

The CNS650-M series is available in 12V, 24V and 48V variants, each with a 12V fan output and 5V standby. The supplies can deliver their full output across temperatures ranging from -40 to 50°C and a derated output at temperatures of up to 80°C.

With medical and ITE safety approvals and incorporating 2XMOPP (Means of Patient Protection), the supplies have an input to output isolation voltage of 4000V AC and 1500V AC for input to PE and output to PE. Said to be Type BF ready, the supplies are suitable for powering equipment where there is conductive contact with the patient, such as ultrasound monitors, ECG equipment and operating tables.

The CNS650-M range is less than 1U high and available in U-channel, open-frame and enclosed end-fan options.

Graham Pitcher

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