Active Frequency Multipliers Cover 8 GHz to 46 GHz

Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
October 25, 2016

The PE88X-Series active frequency multipliers is said to simplify system designs by offering high output power levels. Employing GaAs PHEMT MMIC semiconductor technology, the devices support multiple markets and applications including electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, point-to-point radio, VSAT radio, test instrumentation, and telecom infrastructure. They double input frequencies ranging from 4 GHz to 23 GHz up to desirable mm-wave output frequencies from 8 GHz to 46 GHz. As active frequency multipliers, they require a single +5V dc supply. Input/output RF ports are matched for 50Ω and are dc blocked. The compact drop-in package assemblies are hermetically sealed and support field replaceable 2.92mm connectors. For more information, visit

Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
Irvine, CA


Company Pasternak Enterprises Inc.
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