Integration of cooling fans into electronics applications creates difficult design challenges, especially when it comes to noise. To achieve a low fan noise, an open airflow and space is required. In real applications miniaturization reduces the available space required by the fan. This creates design situations with tradeoffs between space and noise. To solve this tradeoff, RotoSub-enabled fans has a built-in active noise control system, effectively reducing the noise generated by the fan. The active system also reduces the impact of surrounding components disturbing the fan, making low noise integration easier. RotoSub-enabled fans has the same form factor as traditional fans and integrates into the same space.

Active Noise Control System for Silent Anti-Noise Cooling FansActive Noise Control (ANC) is a method of reducing unwanted noise by actively generating an anti-sound, cancelling out the noise. RotoSub develops innovative solutions for noise reduction based on the RotoSub technology. Applications of the technology range from small cooling fans for consumer electronics to large fans for ventilation and other applications.

The RotoSub technology, and the RotoSub noise cancelling solution, is available for licensing. The licensing setup is tailor made for each customer to suit their business model. RotoSub provides design services bringing the R-ANC technology into customer products. These services include mechanical design, software, simulation and prototyping to support a successful integration.

The RotoSub fan solution has an active noise control system built into the fan itself, effectively reducing noise. No external components is required, the active noise control is contained within the fan itself. The fan generates the anti-sound inside the fan itself, in the optimum acoustical position. The RotoSub active noise control technology requires no anti-noise speakers.