BEI Kimco has released a voice coil actuator (VCA) for extreme
precision applications in aerospace, clean rooms, laboratory instrumentation,
and medical environments. It comes with a moving magnet and a flexure design, which ensures high
alignment accuracy and prevents unwanted shaft rotation.

The new actuator incorporates a shaft with flexures at both
ends of travel, which supports the moving magnet field assembly. That, in turn,
enables the Housed Linear Actuator Model LAH13-11-000A to prevent shaft
rotation inaccuracies.



The flexure design also eliminates
friction and side-loads at non-vertical angles as well as unwanted accumulation
caused by shedding from bearing and bushing. Moreover, it safeguards
actuator’s inherent
ability to return the magnet to mid-stroke when re-energized.

BEI’s plug-and-play actuator offers a peak force of 11.9 N
and a continuous stall force of 0.7 N in a small, lightweight package that
measures 36 x 30 mm and weighs 0.22 lbs.