By Majeed Ahmad, Contributing Editor

BEI Kimco’s new voice coil actuator (VCA) features high purity
and low out-gassing required in semiconductor, military, and space
applications. These applications also demand high-precision actuators to ensure
the exact motion-control positioning.

The chip production, military, and avionics applications mandate
extremely low out-gassing to prevent film formation on lens and glass surfaces. The low out-gassing is also necessary to
avoid interference with equipment operation. Then there are ultra-pure
requirements that are especially important in the semiconductor manufacturing

BEI Kimco’s LA05-05 and LA15-16 actuators minimize the use of
adhesives and inks, eliminating substances that could cause out-gassing and
contamination. The new actuators incorporate only approved materials and use mechanical
assembly methods that guarantee a clean manufacturing process.


BEI Kimco has incorporated high-energy Neodymium Iron Boron
(NeFeB) magnets to ensure superior operating efficiencies. BEI Kimco’s application engineer said
that the company started with a list of NASA-approved materials as the basis
for product development.

BEI Kimco, a brand of
Sensata Technologies, also carried out testing throughout the process to ensure
environments with zero contamination and low out-gassing. The new actuators measure
12 to 38 mm in diameter and 12 to 40 mm in length.