By Debbie Sniderman

LED Direction Adjustable Wall Pack series provides exterior, wide-flood-area
illumination for commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities. It is available
in 20, 30, and 70 W in 4,000-K and 5,000-K color. It locks in to any angle
ranging from 0° to 90° and easily installs on properly anchored UL-recognized
junction boxes.


adjustable wall pack accepts a 100- to 277-V ac power supply and provides more
than 100 W per lumen and 80+ CRI for improved visual acuity and efficient
performance. The 20-W wall pack provides 2,100 lumens, and the 30- and 70-W
walls produce 3,000 lumens and 7,700 lumens.

wall packs are IP65-rated for wet applications and have a rated life of 50,000
hours with a 10-year limited warranty. Approved by the Design Lights Consortium
(DLC), these fixtures may be accepted for utility rebates.