Advanced Circuits has released version 3.2 of its free
professional-grade PCB design software, PCB Artist, the most active PCB
software on with over 265,000 downloads. Since its first release in June of 2007,
Advanced Circuits’ PCB Artist has become well known in the printed circuit
board industry as the best free PCB design software for its ease-of-use,
comprehensive tools, and advanced layout capabilities. The software has evolved to offer users more
complex features while maintaining its popular user-friendly interface. Many customers say they prefer using PCB
Artist over their high-cost CAD platforms. 


The new 3.2 version includes upgrades to the software’s
“Library Manager,” improving the way users search and identify components from
a library of over 500,000 parts.  Another
new option called “Fetch Component”, on the Schematics and PCB Context Menu
allows for quicker component placement to the user’s current cursor position
with just a few clicks. The 3.2 version
expands its “Color by Net” feature to include “Color by Net Class” on both the
Schematics and PCB Drawing modes for easier sorting and visualization of the
different nets and net classes in the users’ PCB design. Finally, a more accessible “Working Grid”
that is now easily editable from the Status Bar.