Amazon Alexa technology brought to simple connected objects

The X-CUBE-AVS software package from STMicroelectronics is said to enable Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to run on STM32* microcontrollers. This should allow simple connected objects, such as smart appliances, to support advanced conversational user interfaces with Cloud-based intelligence like automatic speech recognition and natural-language understanding.

s an expansion package for the STM32Cube software platform, X-CUBE-AVS is said to contain ready-to-use libraries and open routines that accelerate porting the AVS Software Development Kit to the microcontroller. With application samples also included, STMicro explained it abstracts developers from the complex software layers needed to host AVS on an embedded device.

STMicro claimed this is the first package to cater specifically for microcontrollers. AVS development usually targets more power-hungry and expensive microprocessors, but STMicro said its X-CUBE-AVS makes Alexa technology accessible to a wider spectrum of developers and projects.

According to STMicro, the software handles low-layer communication and connection to AVS servers, provides application-specific services, and encapsulates the AVS protocol to ease application implementation.

Connection management should include a persistent-token mechanism for directly restoring connection losses without repeated user authentication. A software test harness should also be provided for endurance testing, which is designed to simulate events, such as network disconnection, to facilitate robustness testing and validation of the user application.

X-CUBE-AVS is available to download, free of charge, here.

Bethan Grylls