Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Ampleon today announced the BLF189XR, the latest member of its renowned family of extremely rugged “XR” LDMOS power transistors designed specifically for use in high power amplifiers operating in the 10 – 500 MHz. Suiting use in a wide variety of broadcast and industrial applications, and capable of operating with a VSWR up to 65:1, the device is rated to deliver 1,700 Watt CW or 1,900 Watt pulsed.

Ampleon-APN024The BLF189XR will be available in two variants. The BLF189XRB delivers 40 % more output power than the BLF188XR (1900 Watt pulsed) and is aimed at applications working at frequencies up to 150 MHz. The second product will be the BLF189XRA, which can deliver 20 % more output power compared to the current BLF188XR (1700W pulsed), and is optimized to operate across the entire band up to 500 MHz.

Delivering the highest possible power and reducing the number of transistors required to build a high power output amplifier, the rugged BLF189XR provides the best possible efficiency from the smallest possible package and offers the lowest cost per watt. Ampleon’s industry respected ‘XR’ extremely rugged Gen6HV LDMOS 50 V process technology is employed within the family.

In addition to FM broadcast applications, the potential use cases for industrial, scientific and medical equipment include plasma generators, medical scanners and particle accelerators. Industrial RF heating, drying and thawing are other possible uses.

The BLF189XR is constructed in an SOT539A package. An optional earless flanged SOT539B package device, the BLF189XRS, is also available.

The BLF189XRB will be available in sampling quantities toward the end of this year with general availability approximately four months later. Its sister device, BLF189XRA, will sample by January 2017, with release during 2nd quarter of 2017.