The LTM8005 operates across a greater range of input and output voltages, and is configurable for different applications

Devices has added a new model to its Power by Linear line of LED driver
modules, this one supporting a wider range of output voltages and providing a
higher maximum drive current. It is also configurable for different operation

The LTM8005
boost DC/DC µModule regulator includes a DC/DC controller, power switch,
Schottky diode and current sense resistor.

It has an
input voltage range of 5V to 38V. Other devices in the Power by Linear can
operate at lower minimum input voltages (either 3V or 4V), but they all also
topped out at 36V or lower.

The LTM8005
can also deliver up to 1.6A of regulated current. Similar devices from ADI were
capable of supplying currents of no more than 1A.

The module
has an external inductor, which the company said enables the LTM8005 to
configure in different operation modes including boost, buck-boost, buck and
SEPIC topologies with a coupled inductor. That makes the device capable of
serving a variety of use cases.

Boost (or
step-up) LED drivers provide current control of multiple LEDs and support for
high brightness LED lighting, large format LED backlighting, camera-enabled
smart devices, and related applications, ADI notes. Buck (or step-down) LED
drivers are ideal for applications where the input voltage is above the LED
voltage, as in many automotive or industrial applications, again according to
the company. The SEPIC (single-ended
primary inductance converter) regulator topology is typically used when the LED
driver might be powered from a source that can be higher or lower than the LED
voltage; SEPIC regulators can buck or boost as the input voltage changes. These
are often in applications where the input is a battery. Under these
circumstances, ADI said, the driver has to be as efficient as possible.

The E and I
grades of the LTM8005 operate from -40°C to 125°C. The company said there is
also a high reliability model – the H-grade version – which guarantees
operation from -40°C to 150°C. “The wide input voltage range and 150°C
operation make this µModule LED driver ideal for automotive and industrial
lighting applications,” the company stated.

operating frequency of the device is adjustable from 100kHz to 1MHz, and
built-in spread spectrum frequency modulation improves electromagnetic
compatibility performance.

of the LEDs can be controlled by the analog CTRL pin and by PWM dimming with a
range up to 3,000:1, ADI said. The LTM8005 provides safety features such as
output disconnect short-circuit protection, open LED protection, programmable
input current limit, as well as, input and output current reporting.

The LTM8005 module
comes in a BGA package that measures 9mm x 11.25mm x 2.22mm, which makes it a
bit shorter and slightly thinner than other similar LED drivers from ADI.  Available now, pricing starts at $9.95 each in
quantities of 1,000.