Anemometers are used for measurement of wind speed, wind velocity, wind pressure and wind direction. Anemometer is a common weather station instrument. The measurement of wind speed is one of the most important factors in weather prediction. Besides being used as part of a weather monitoring station there are many other situations where measurement and knowledge of the wind condition helps in decision-making such as pollution control, safety of tall structures, control of wind turbines, studies on the effects of wind on crops, manoeuvring of ships and aircraft landing systems.

Types of Anemometers

Anemometers can be divided into two classes: those that measure the wind’s speed, and those that measure the wind’s pressure. But as there is a close connection between the pressure and the speed, an anemometer designed for one will give information about both.

  • Wind Speed/Velocity Anemometers
    • Windmill or Propeller Anemometers
    • Hot-wire Anemometers
    • Laser Doppler Anemometers
    • Ultrasonic Anemometers
    • Ping-pong Ball Anemometers
    • Cup Anemometers
  • Wind Pressure Anemometers
    • Plate Anemometers
    • Tube Anemometers