Platinum-clad mesh, wire, and rod anodes said to outlast MMO

Designed for long life in electroplating processes and to
be more durable and longer-lasting than mixed-metal-oxide (MMO) anodes, Anomet
Platinum Clad Anodes consist of platinum metallurgically bonded to niobium or
titanium, with or without a copper core for enhanced conductivity. With a dense,
pin-hole-free, and uniform structure that is more durable than plated mesh
anodes, the platinum-clad mesh anodes provide a more uniform current
distribution with lower operating current densities.


The platinum-clad anodes can be supplied as rod, wire, or
mesh in a variety of configurations, including precut circles and squares. Woven
mesh can be up to 24 in. wide, and wire and rod can range from 0.021 to 1 in.
in diameter and incorporate platinum thickness from 10 to 600 micro-inches,
depending upon the application. Anodes are priced according to configuration
and quantity, and free samples are available.