elevatorSecurity issues corresponding to controlling access, is perceived as prime concern and a strenuous challenge in various sectors like Corporate Office, Manufacturing Units, BFSI, Healthcare and Hotels. These arduous challengesrequire meticulously planned access control strategies. Implementation of such strategiescan be employed at exit/entry doors and at data centers. Along with the conventional approach, itis beingenhanced with advanced features,to control access and improve security with Elevators.

Matrix offers Elevator based Access Control, which allows access and entry in the elevator using biometric or RFID card credential,only to authorized personnel,at allotted time andassignedfloors.


Advantages and Benefits:

Feature Advantage Benefit
Multiple Credential based Identification Elevator can be accessed using multiple credentials like Fingerprint, PIN, RFID card, Palm Vein and even with a combination of any. Flexibility of Selecting Single or Multiple Credential
Users Create up to 25,000 Users Scalability
Time, User and Floor based Access Control Assign multiple floors to a user for specified time duration. Security
Encrypted Communication Secured End to End Communication Accurate Identification
Hardware Integration Alarm, buzzer and call buttons can be integrated with the COSEC ARC IO800 controller. Cost Reduction
Tamper Detection When any tampering is detected, a notificationappearson the monitor screen andan alarmgoes off. Security
IO Linking Link input event to an output action as per user requirements. Security
Expansion Controlled Access for 32 Floors in one Elevator and eight Elevators in one Panel Flexibility and


QR Code based Identification Simply Scan QR Code on your Mobile for Gaining Access

Reduces Cost and Installation Time

Communication Interface Provides Ethernet and RS-485 Connectivity Options Convenience


Ways to Implement:


Elevator Access Control:

Only authorized user can access the elevator, but can access any floor.

Floor Access Control:

Anyone can access elevator but only authorized user can accessthe floors which are permitted by the admin.

Elevator and Floor Access Control:

Only authorized user can access elevator forthe floors that are permitted by admin.

How it works:


  • COSEC PANEL LITE V2 can be configured in standalone mode for device, user,group and floor configuration.
  • Once a user profile is created, his credential enrolment, floor and group allocation for pre-defined time is configured.
  • User must show enrolled credential at the biometric device located at:


  • Outside Elevator: To gain access to elevator, a door controller is installed outside the Elevator. The door controller is connected to the elevator call button, which gets enabled, whenever an authorized user shows his enrolled credential.
  • Inside Elevator: To enable and access the floorsthat are assigned to the user, a door controller is installed inside the elevator. Some floors like Cafeteria, Reception Area or Customer Lounge are kept accessible for visitors/customers.



The solution is highly useful under below mentioned circumstances;

  1. Restrict the Customer to their Specific Floor

E.g.: In Hotels, to assign andcontrol the customers to theirrespective floor for pre-defined number of days.


  1. Multi-floor Buildings whereDifferent Floors are Leased to Different Corporates

E.g.: Corporate Offices with multiple floors and having requirement of controlled access to each floor, as it has a high flow of visitors.


  1. Limit Accesson Sensitive Floors

E.g.: In Manufacturing Units, to limit access only to authorized groupby proper authentication to sensitive zones.



  • Corporate:Elevator Access Control provides secured, speedy and controlled flow of employees. Prevents unauthorized personnel penetration,long queues and congestion.
  • Hotels: Provides access to customers only at assigned floors, for pre-defined time.Hence,eliminates commotion and increases security.
  • Manufacturing:Controlled access only to authorized group to sensitive floors, which increases security and eliminates trespassers.
  • Healthcare: Manage the flow of patients’ relatives/visitors to theirfloor,onwhich patient is admitted. Hence, reduces commotion and maintains tranquility on entire floor.
  • BFSI:Secured access to sensitive area like vaults, which requires an authorized person with customers, to access elevator and floor.


Devices Required:

  2. Cosec Device: VEGA series,DOOR series and PATH series for authentication.

(Any device can be used for authentication for liftas per credential requirement.)


(Controllers required as per number of floors. One COSEC ARC IO800 Controller can be used to control eight Floors)


Important:For proper functioning of the system,COSEC Reader/Controller installed inside elevator car, COSEC PANEL LITE and COSEC ARC IO800 controllers should be in communication with each other.