Arbitrary/function generators offer large memory and siFi

As an extension of the Arbitrary/Function generators, Rigol Technologies is presenting the DG1022Z model: a multifunctional generator that enables a range of tests by combining multiple functions in one instrument.

The devices combine application fields like function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, and analogue/digital modulation as well as a counter function.

In addition to the direct digital synthesiser technology – which the company claims provides stable, precise, and slightly distorted signals – the signal jitter is reduced to 200ps by the Signal-Fidelity technology, SiFi.

The device is characterised by 25MHz bandwidth for sine and square signals and two standard, fully functional and independently operating channels. The frequency stability is ±1ppm and the phase noise is -125dBc/Hz.

The instrument has an arbitrary waveform memory with 2Mpts or 16Mpts, a built-in 8th grade harmonic generator, an arbitrary waveform editor and an integrated 7-digit/s frequency counter with 200MHz bandwidth. Up to 160 integrated waveforms are available and the vertical resolution is 14bits.

The standard interfaces USB Host & Device, and LAN are available for communication purposes, and the various modulation modes include AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM. The instrument has a 3.5in TFT colour display. For operation via PC, the company offers the UltraStation software.

Peggy Lee