ARM recently introduced the Cortex- R5 and Cortex-R7 embedded realtime processors targeting LTE (long-term-evolution) and LTE-Advanced applications. ARM Cortex-R complements specialized DSP processors in 4G-modem applications. ARM Cortex R5 and the R7 in single- or dual-core processors reduce software overhead by allowing simultaneous processing of the download and upload channels that an LTE paired-spectrum FDD (frequency-division-duplexing) wireless-network architecture uses. ARM will manufacture the CPU IP (intellectual-property) cores in a low-power, 28-nm CMOS process.

ARM processors now used in 95% of LTE baseband designs world-wide. Strong legacy in 2.5G and 3G wireless communication, as well as success in LTE/4G wireless broadband market for ARM Partner Community is reflected in range of ARM based designs for wireless devices and baseband modems for the LTE and LTE-Advanced markets.

ARM processors have been developed in-line with progress in semiconductor technology to deliver highly efficient, low power mobile solutions. This is both for applications computing and baseband processing where many of the market leading solutions have converged on the Cortex™ family of processors.

ARM is a leader in mobile baseband technology with a far reaching roadmap of suitable processors and associated technologies. Prior to Mobile World Congress, ARM announced a roadmap of additional Cortex processors that build on the success of the existing Cortex-R4 processor. The new ARM Cortex-R5 and Cortex-R7 processors provide increased functionality, performance and efficiency, and are optimised to deliver new mobile broadband LTE and LTE-Advanced devices.