Actel Corp. announced its ProASICPLUS and ProASIC®3 FPGAs have been selected by Advantech, Co., Ltd. for use in its networking and gaming platforms. Based in Taiwan, Advantech provides solutions in the e-world computing and web-based automation fields through its trusted ePlatform services. Advantech took full advantage of the inherent capabilities of the flash technology, specifically high reliability and security, on which ProASICPLUS and ProASIC®3 FPGAs are built. In addition, features such as low cost, low power, reprogrammability and quick time to market made Actel’s FPGAs a perfect fit for Advantech’s design needs.

Advantech chose Actel’s ProASICPLUS APA450 and ProASIC3 A3P060 FPGAs for their networking platform to perform system bus control and boot loader functions. After the successful design execution of its networking platform, Advantech once again looked to Actel to provide an FPGA solution for its new gaming platform. For this project, Advantech chose Actel’s ProASIC3 A3P400 FPGA. In both cases, the security features inherent to flash FPGAs, prevention against corruption, intrusion and protection against theft of valuable intellectual property, far outweighed any benefits offered by other FPGAs.

“Our business goals were aggressive and Actel’s ProASICPLUS and ProASIC3 FPGAs provided us with the reprogrammability and fast time to market, allowing us to meet our targets,” said Eddie Lai, director of business development at Advantech. “The differentiation and, most importantly, the reliability and security benefits provided by Actel FPGAs are non-negotiable in our industry.”

“Actel’s flash technology allowed us to stand out from competing solutions during Advantech’s design process,” said Rich Kapusta, vice president of marketing and business development at Actel. “More and more, customers are recognizing the enormous benefits that flash-based FPGAs bring to today’s system designs.”

News Source: Actel Press Release.