Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX98089, a highly integrated stereo audio codec that improves audio performance and prevents speaker damage. An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) significantly eases the design in of the product. The MAX98089 is a full-featured audio codec whose high performance and low power consumption make it ideal for portable applications such as tablets, netbooks, smartphones that uses a codec, but cannot afford to use higher cost HDI (high density) PCBs.

Mobile Audio Codec with I2S & PCM Digital Audio InterfaceThe Audio Codec IC features a stereo Class H headphone amplifier that utilizes a dual-mode charge pump to maximize efficiency while outputting a ground referenced signal that does not require output coupling capacitors. The IC also features a mono differential amplifier that can be configured as a stereo line output.

To minimize the number of discrete components required in the solution, integrated jack detection detects the insertion and removal of accessories as well as button presses. The DAC-to-headphone idle power consumption is only 5.6mW, which represents a 15% improvement compared to the competition and extends battery life. With its ease of use, low power, excellent audio performance, and small wafer-level package (WLP), the MAX98089 is ideal for portable multimedia applications such as tablets, netbooks, and mobile phones.

Integrated FlexSound™ technology improves loudspeaker performance by optimizing signal level and frequency response, while limiting the maximum distortion and power at the output to prevent speaker damage. Automatic gain control (AGC) and a noise gate optimize the signal level of microphone input signals to make best use of the ADC dynamic range. This technology improves loudspeaker performance and prevents speaker damage. The FlexSound audio technology comes with an extensive toolkit for improving loudspeaker playback performance and voice transmission. The easy-to-use GUI lets you evaluate and then optimize the MAX98089’s 5-band parametric EQ, automatic level control (ALC), speaker excursion limiter, speaker power limiter, and speaker distortion (THD) limiter.

Key Features of MAX98089 Audio Codec IC

  • 5.6mW Power Comsumption (DAC to HP at 97dB DR)
  • 101dB DR Stereo DAC and 93dB DR Stereo ADC (8kHz < fS < 96kHz)
  • Stereo Low-EMI Class D Amplifiers and Efficient Class H Headphone Amplifier
  • Differential Receiver Amplifier/Stereo Line Outputs
  • 3 Differential Microphone Inputs and 2 Stereo Single-Ended/Mono Differential Line Inputs
  • FlexSound Technology
    • 5-Band Parametric Equalization and Automatic Level Control (ALC)
    • Speaker Power Limiter, Speaker Distortion Limiter, and Excursion Limiter
    • Microphone Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Noise Gate
  • Dual I²S/PCM/TDM Digital Audio Interfaces
  • Asynchronous Digital Audio Mixing
  • Supports Master Clock Frequencies from 10MHz to 60MHz
  • RF Immune Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Extensive Click-and-Pop Reduction Circuitry