Sherlock is a new Automated Design Analysis Tool for reliability engineering by DfR Solutions that allows you to predict product failure earlier in the design process, allowing you to design reliability right into the product. Sherlock is the first-of-its-kind Automated Design Analysis software for analyzing, grading, and certifying the expected reliability of products at the circuit card assembly level. And with results in hours instead of weeks, you’ll be able to deliver these products faster and more efficiently, contributing to your customer’s success. Sherlock Automated Design Analysis is the future of design. It is the integration of design rules, best practices, and a return to a physics-based understanding of product reliability.

Unlike any other design reliability analysis software on the market, Sherlock works with the files that the design team already creates. The same file set that would allow your manufacturer to assemble the boards in the factory allows Sherlock to build the boards in the virtual world. Once the data is imported, users can review the data and either approve the interpretation, or dig down deeper and provide more detail to the analysis. This allows engineers to spend their time improving their product, not entering data with 3 easy steps.

  • Phase 1: Data Input. Identifies your files and imports your parts list automatically. Builds a finite element analysis model of your circuit board in minutes.
  • Phase 2: Sherlock Analysis. Produces a holistic analysis that is critical in the development of reliable electronics products. Assessment options include: Thermal, Shock & Vibration, Time to Failure, and Part Failure.
  • Phase 3: Report & Recommend. Presents results in multiple formats (tabular, histogram, life curve, overlay) and outputs comprehensive, professionally formatted report for broad distribution.

Physics of Failure Analysis. Physics of Failure Analysis uses what we know about the causes of product failure to predict reliability and improve product performance. Reduce development and support costs. Produce more reliable products. Improve brand image. Develop a reliability-based culture in product design.

The greatest potential for improvement is before the first prototype is ever built. Sherlock takes the most requested qualification tests and most common customer environments and packages them for you allowing you to predict design weaknesses sooner and improve designs earlier and more cost effectively. Sherlock tests include:

  • Virtual Thermal Cycling Reliability Testing
  • Virtual Vibration Reliability Testing
  • Plated Through Hole (PTH) Fatigue Reliability Testing
  • Conductive Anodic Filaments (CAF) Reliability Testing
  • Solder Joint Fatigue Reliability Testing
  • Virtual Shock Reliability Testing