KaiSemi Ltd., a fabless semiconductor vendor developed an innovative IP synthesis tool that automatically converts any FPGA netlist directly to ASIC netlist with the push of a button. Based on its unique tool, KaiSemi provides reduced cost ASIC chips, acting as a second-source to any existing FPGA chip, while ensuring identical design functionality dedicated per customer. Backed by a tier-one fab vendor, KaiSemi’s automated conversion and flow eliminates the need for customer involvement and resources, NRE costs, long lead times, and the risks that are part of traditional FPGA-to-ASIC conversion flows. KaiSemi’s automated FPGA-to-ASIC conversion is combined with complete in-house ASIC flow, fab manufacturing and handling of customer orders and shipments. The customer receives a replacement ASIC unit price, amortized with NRE that is typically less than half the FPGA unit price.

KaiSemi’s automated FPGA-to-ASIC tool minimizes silicon area costs and selects the most optimized standard-cell fab processes from an embedded database of multiple standard-cell fab process libraries. The company’s proprietary technology reduces customer design cost, unit cost and required minimum quantity breakeven point. It achieves a fast ASIC cycle time through a seamless process that does not involve the customers’ designers, does not require source code (RTL) modification and therefore guarantees functionality.

KaiSemi is a fabless semiconductor vendor that specializes in selling replacement chips based on automated conversions. In addition to its FPGA-to-ASIC automatic conversion solution, The company’s conversions portfolio includes Multichip-to-ASIC, EOL/Obsolescence ASIC-to-ASIC, DSP algorithm-to-ASIC, merging multiple FPGAs, and EOL/Obsolescence FPGA-to-FPGA replacement.

KaiSemi’s automatic FPGA-to-ASIC conversion offering is complemented by additional capabilities. For example, the company can convert multiple FPGAs into a single ASIC die. KaiSemi can also add peripheral die (such as memory) stacked with the FPGA replacement die in a single package. KaiSemi also handles ASIC-to-ASIC conversions, mainly for End-of-Life obsolescence purposes. Additional offerings include migrating DSP algorithms to ASIC implementations via FPGA evaluations and prototypes.