Get first working units within 48 hours

By Gina Roos, editor-in-chief

Avnet announced a global release
of its SimplePlus Display Solutions platform, designed to
simplify the process of customizing LCD display solutions for a variety of
applications, including industrial automation, medical and transportation. The
distributor said it can cut delivery time in half for a custom touch display
platform, while still enabling customers to customize their user experience.

SimplePlus shortens product
development cycles from a traditional weeks or months lead time for samples to 48
hours for first working units. This can reduce the total development time
significantly for product designers and engineers, said Avnet.

The platform includes the LCD
module, touch, custom cover lens with different surface treatment and bonding
options. Several mechanical design and integration options such as gaskets,
plastic and metal frames also are available.


Customization includes:

  • Cover lens design
  • Mechanical design
  • Optical bonding
  • Optical and film enhancements
  • Surface treatments
  • EMI certification
  • Grounding design
  • False touch prevention
  • OS compatibility

The SimplePlus solution
enables customers to work with Avnet Integrated to develop custom solutions for their
particular deployment environment. The platform is configurable, so it can be
adapted to meet the specific needs of any customer or industry. Avnet also
provides testing and regulatory guidance to further speed time to market.