showcased backplane connectors for high-density datacenter applications at the
DesignCon show held in February 2017 in Santa Clara, California. The orthogonal
direct connectors support data rates of 56 Gbps NRZ and 112 Gbps PAM4.

Impulse Orthogonal Direct Backplane Connector System provides high-speed
connectivity in a compact size boasting a 2-mm column-to-column pitch. At the
same time, to address issues like insertion loss and ICR margin, common in
datacenter hardware, the backplane connector enhances signal interface by
improving airflow, channel impedance, and signal integrity.


signal contacts are pre-loaded, positioned, and protected in individual slots
to ensure appropriate connector alignment and mating. Moreover, the connectors
bring cost savings by eliminating the need for chassis mid-plane.

backplane connectors minimize future infrastructure investments by offering
forward compatibility with higher data rates.

The Impulse backplane connectors are part of an
effort to provide scalable solutions for the rapidly evolving datacenter
environment. Apart from Impulse (56/112 Gbps), the Molex OD portfolio of
backplane connectors includes the Impact connectors offering sub-25-Gbps speeds
and Impact zX2 connectors providing a data transmission rate of 28 Gbps.