Smart battery sensors help improve the control mechanisms of modern automotive power trains. Improvements in engine, transmission and steering systems deliver greater fuel efficiency and power density so that today’s smaller and lighter power trains provide significantly more output power than in the past. ZMDI introduced industry’s smallest intelligent battery sensor IC for fuel saving start/stop vehicle systems and other solutions for measuring State-of-health (SOH), State-of-charge (SOC) or State-of-function (SOF) of a vehicle’s battery.

Intelligent Battery Sensor IC for EV Battery ManagementZMDI ZSSC1856 Intelligent Battery Sensor makes better EV Battery Power Management with unique ADC resolution and lowest sleep mode current. It offers a cost effective sensing solution for energy efficient and fuel saving Stop/Start vehicles and Micro Hybrid Electric Vehicle (µHEV) with the industry’s smallest foot print. The IC will contribute significantly to energy management solutions in modern cars.

The ZSSC1856 Intelligent Battery Sensor is based on a robust POR concept to meet harsh automotive environment requirements and has built-in self-test and diagnostic functions. A calibrated on-chip temperature sensor eliminates the need for calibration of external components. During sleep-mode, the ZSSC1856 periodically monitors the discharge of the battery. Measurement cycles and different wake-up conditions like current, voltage or temperature thresholds are user controlled.

The internal 18-bit Sigma/Delta-ADC with on-chip voltage reference features two input channels. One channel is for measuring IBAT via the voltage drop at the external shunt resistor. The second channel is used to measure VBAT and the temperature. An ARM core a highly reliable 96kB flash/EE memory with ECC and 8kB SRAM, is available to execute customer specific software for calculating the battery states. The device communication interface supports LIN 1.3, 2.0 and 2.1 specifications.