Honeywell’s MK Electric Echo Switches are Batteryless Selfpowered Wireless Switches. Batteryless selfpowered wireless switch technology needs no wiring, uses no batteries and is effortless to install and commission. Echo™ is an innovative range of entirely wireless, batteryless and self powered switches, available from MK Electric. Echo batteryless selfpowered wireless switch’s RF transmitters and receivers operate at 868MHz frequency.

Advantages of Batteryless Self-Powered Wireless Echo Switches

  • Wireless switches: No wires offers the benefits of almost instant switch installation and total location flexibility, resulting in reduced costs and disruption as well as improved speed and ease of installation – invaluable for areas needing to rearrange space periodically.
  • Batteryless devices: No batteries means low maintenance and low running costs. No need to buy, fit, replace or dispose of batteries, eliminating nuisance and waste for a more sustainable option.
  • Self Powered devices: The new echo range works by harvesting tiny amounts of ambient energy which power a switch (Transmitter) to send an RF signal to the Switch Receiver which is connected to the lighting circuit – operating lighting at ranges of up to 30 metres within typical buildings.
  • Flexible: Free from the constraints of wiring, echo is easy to locate, relocate and can be fixed to almost any material. So change is much simpler to manage.
  • Building Area Network: Supports Building Regulation compliance. The switches are self powered and can work at ranges of up to 300 metres.

No wires, no batteries, no maintenance, easy re-working without cabling, all help make Echo batteryless selfpowered wireless switches highly efficient in both installation and use, as well as exceptionally versatile. Echo’s secure 868MHz frequency assures immunity against interference, proven with systems such as DECT, PMR and WLAN etc.

Applications of Echo Batteryless Self-Powered Wireless Switches

Echo Batteryless Self-Powered Wireless Switches are perfect for applications where the invasive channelling of walls is not feasible or is not permitted. Possible applications are Exhibition Halls, Laboratories, Historic Buildings, Consevatories, Hospitals, Static Homes, Corporate Offices, Shopping Malls, Oil Rigs, Cruiseliners, Ships etc.

Echo Batteryless Self-Powered Wireless Switches offer you a great range, capturing the stylish finishes of MK’s wiring device products with truly exceptional safety, quality and reliability. All backed up by MK Electric’s electronic products 10-year guarantee.