Low Profile, Durable ICMs that won’t let you down

San Jose, CA [February 20, 2018] Bel Magnetic Solutions,a Bel group company (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) and global leader in design and sales of MagJack® Integrated Connector Modules (ICM) for Networking and Telecommunications applications, announces a line of Single port 1GBase-T MagJack® ICMs. These low-profile, compact connectors meet the demanding need for proven, highly durable ICMs that are versatile and cost effective.

The single port MagJack’s are an ideal solution for anyone looking for a small, compact, durable RJ45 connectors for their devices that are easy to use, compatible with any PHY (old or new), cost effective and easy to find. This ICM series is backward compatible to 10/100BT, forward compatible to 2.5G/5G and 10G. They are compatible with all major 1GBase-T PHYs, including the latest current-mode and voltage-mode PHYs. These products use industry standard footprints and pin-outs, complying with the performance standards of the IEEE 802.3 and NBASE-T. Product can be customized dependent on circuit configurations.

Common part numbers:      Bel L829-1J1T-43 Tab-Up
                                            Bel L836-1J1T-43 Tab-Down

Product is available at Digi-Key and Mouser. For technical information, contact Bel Magnetics at 858.842-1970 or visit us at belfuse.com/magnetic-solutions. You can also send an email to our techhelp@belf.com for further assistance.