Ideal Applications include Industrial Ethernet Controllers and Single Board Computers

San Jose, CA [May 25, 2017] Bel Magnetic Solutions, a Bel group company (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) and global leader in the development and sales of MagJack® Integrated Connector Modules (ICM) for Networking and Telecommunications applications, today announces a new MagJack® Vertical Mount Single Port ICM.

The Vertical Mount ICM’s support 10/100Base-T and 1GBase-T Ethernet applications. This product is aimed at customers who have non-traditional board mount applications where a standard right angle ICM will not fit. This ICM product series mounts perpendicular to the plane of the printed circuit board (PCB) for easy insertion of the RJ45 cable, in where latching/unlatching can be difficult. Other applications include, vertical board computers, mezzanine card applications and video display units. The Vertical Mount ICM’s meet all IEEE 802.3 electrical requirements and are RoHS 6/6 and UL compliant.

Associated part numbers are: SI-16001-F, SI-46001-F, V895-1001-AW, V890-1AX1-A1, 1840061, 1840417, 1840453, 1840472, 1840498