HP Series Features 10:1 Wide Input Range and Enhanced Durability Designed for Harsh Environments

Santa Clara, CA [February 7, 2017] – Bel Power Solutions, a Bel group company, and premier global manufacturer of power management devices, announces the release of its MELCHER™ HP Series DC-DC converter (4TE) with an input voltage range greater than 10:1. The converters deliver up to 192 watts with typical efficiency up to 93% over input and load range with no derating over the operating ambient temperature range of -40° to 70°C.
BelPowerSolutions_Melcher™ HP Series_DC_DC_ConverterJust one power supply covers all nominal battery voltages from 24 V to 110 V, making it particular suitable for railway applications. The continuous input voltage range is 16.8 V – 137.5 V with dynamic transient deviations to 12.5 V and 154 V for 2 seconds respectively. The HP Series complies with EN 50155, EN 50121, fire and smoke standard EN 45545 and all common national and international railway and safety standards, is packaged in a rugged cassette case for 19″ rack or chassis mounting, and all the PCB boards are protected by lacquer, which is perfect for harsh, convection cooled environments in the traditional MELCHER™ style. They are also safety-approved to IEC/EN 60950-1 and UL/CSA 60950-1 2nd Edition.
The HP Series output covers 5 V to 96 V in single, dual, triple or quad output configurations. Standard features include current share, 10 ms interruption time, reverse polarity protection, inrush current limitation, over-voltage and user-programmable under-voltage lockout, remote on/off, adjustable output voltage, fully self-protecting and fully featured. A variety of electrical and mechanical accessories are also available, including a universal mounting bracket for DIN Rail and chassis mounting, a mounting plate for wall mounting and a front panel kit for accommodating 2 HP units for a 19″ DIN rack with 6U, 5TE.
Your Bel Power sales representative can be found here. You can also send an eMail to Tech.Support@psbel.com for any technical inquiries. Our HP Series datasheets can be found here at belpowersolutions.com.