The innovative new WaveWall Airtubes give even greater protection against mobile phone radiation.

The danger of mobile phone radiation is that, even when protecting the phone using an anti-radiation phone case, the radiation is still conducted along the headset wires to near the brain. Here it can cause headaches, dizziness, tinnitus and, most worryingly, brain cancer.

WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case is already protecting the body from radiation – and safeguarding male fertility. Now the Airtubes take on another huge health concern with mobile phone radiation – brain cancer and the adverse effects of mobile phone radiation on the head.

mobile-phone-radiationWith experts increasingly concerned about the damage caused by mobile phone radiation more research is desperately needed. Mobile phone radiation was branded “possibly carcinogenic” by the World Health Organisation and interest is growing all over the world on how to protect against its effects.

It is often thought that using the phone hands-free with a Bluetooth headset or headphones is helpful against radiation as it keeps the phone away from the head. But the metal in the wires conducts the radiation from the phone up to the head.

WaveWall Airtubes avoid this problem by using hollow tubes rather than wires for part of the headset. The radiation cannot pass through the air chambers so cannot reach the head. The sound continues to the earpiece using the acoustics of the tube.

WaveWall’s Airtubes are stylish and functional with in-built microphone and button, clean sound and good bass. With the added advantage of being safe from mobile phone radiation.