Board to board RF connectors for high volume applications

HUBER+SUHNER has extended its MFBX family of high performance, board to board RF connectors adding a low cost eMFBX connector which has been designed to be intermateable with the original MFBX connector.

Using the latest production techniques it provides users with a board to board connector.

The new barrel design, according to HUBER+SUHNER, replaces the pure coaxial system with a planar inner conductor structure which has resulted in a very high quality connector with very stable contact crowns and good contact resistance thanks to higher contact forces.

The company’s eMFBX connectors are designed for applications where medium axial and radial misalignment are required with board-to-board distances of between 16 mm and 22.3 mm and a ± 0.8 mm axial floating range.

Suitable for the frequency range DC to 6GHz, eMFBX connectors feature excellent shielding and an RF leakage figure of ≥ 65 dB across the frequency range. Return loss figures are 22dB from DC to 3.5GHz and 20dB from 3.5GHz to 5.0GHz – both with ± 0.8 mm axial floating range.

HUBER+SUHNER has made available a starter kit with two different board distances with both snap and slider SMD connectors.

Neil Tyler