The Maxim Integrated Products MAX17222
nanoPower boost regulator offers a quiescent current (IQ) of only
300nA and enables the longest battery
life in the smallest form factor for wearable and consumer IoT designs. The
0.4 to 5.5-V input (with 0.88-V startup
input), 1.8 to 5-V output boost regulator with 500-mA input current
limit reduces solution size by up to 50% compared to similar products and
offers 95% peak efficiency to minimize heat dissipation. These benefits suit
wearable devices, which IDC forecasts will experience a compound annual growth
rate (CAGR) of 18.4% in 2020.


Designers of new wearable,
health-monitoring, IoT, mobile, and other connected devices are struggling to
extend battery life for next-generation products, particularly with increasing
functionality and performance in smaller form factors. Power solutions
servicing this market require mastery of low quiescent current design
techniques and high integration.





  • °C to +85°C temperature range.  


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