Breathalyzer or Breathalyser is an alcohol breath tester/analyzer. Breathalyzer is a device for estimating blood alcohol content from breath samples. Breath analysis is the most common method of testing for blood-alcohol content in use today. Personal breathalyzers estimate the concentration of alcohol in the body by measuring the amount of alcohol exhaled from the lungs. The usage of portable breathalyzers is increasing as it is illegal to operate a vehicle, boat or aircraft when the blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit.

Drinking and driving is dangerous! Most people believe they know their own limits … however the reality is often very different from the perception. Sure you can touch your nose or walk in a straight line, but is this really an indication of sobriety according to the law? The failure to recognize alcohol impairment is often a symptom of intoxication and drinkers often swear they are “fine” after several drinks. In fact, more than half of all alcohol related deaths involved drivers with a BAC of more than twice the legal limit, according to the 2006 Annual Assessment of Motor Vehicle Crashes.

Breath alcohol tests are proven, reliable, efficient and helpful. Having the correct information is so vitally important when making the dangerous and potentially expensive decision to drive after a few drinks.

There are many models of consumer or personal breath alcohol testers on the market, in the forms of pocket breathalyzers, breathalyzer key-chains, etc. These hand-held devices are generally less expensive than the devices used by law enforcement. Most retail consumer breath testers use semiconductor-based sensing technology, which is less expensive, less accurate, and less reliable than fuel cell and infrared devices.