Buck-boost controller for dual automotive battery systems

The fully integrated multiphase bidirectional DC/DC current controller from Texas Instruments is said to transfer electric power greater than 500W per phase between dual 48V and 12V automotive battery systems.

According to the company, the LM5170-Q1 analogue controller features an average current-mode control method that overcomes the challenges of high-component-count, full digital control schemes.

Hybrid electric vehicles use both a high-voltage 48V battery and the standard 12V automotive battery. Design engineers typically manage these dual battery systems using a digital control scheme, which are bulky and expensive.

To solve this challenge, the company claims to offer a mixed architecture in which the microcontroller handles higher-level intelligent management and the analogue controller provides the power conversion.

The LM5170-Q1 is offered in a 48pin, 9 x 9mm quad flat package.

Additional features:

  • 1% accurate bidirectional current regulation
  • 97% efficiency.
  • Monitors current with up to 99% accuracy
  • Integrated 5A peak half-bridge gate drivers
  • Diode emulation mode of the synchronous rectifier MOSFETs prevents negative current and enhances light load efficiency.
  • AEC-Q100 qualified.
  • Author
    Peggy Lee