CAN2GO Wired & Wireless Controllers and Gateways offer wired and wireless solutions for HVAC, air handling units, heatpumps, dehumidification units, lighting, metering & submetering building automation applications. CAN2GO Wired & Wireless Controllers and Gateways are designed by SCL Elements Inc. CAN2GO system combine wired (BACnet, Modbus, CANbus), wireless (EnOcean, ZigBee) and web (IP/Ethernet) technologies; providing maximum interoperability, integration and flexible interface options.

Applications of CAN2GO Wired & Wireless Controllers and Gateways

  • Control lighting & HVAC in one controller
  • Control EnOcean & ZigBee end-devices
  • Control wired end-devices
  • Support metering applications
  • Gateway from EnOcean to BACnet
  • Gateway from ZigBee to BACnet
  • Deploy wired and wireless solutions
  • Manage your BAS using a web BMS

CAN2GO is perfect for new installations and retrofits, in all building types – whether as a stand-alone solution or integrated to an existing BACnet IP system. CAN2GO provides wireless networking, and flexible lighting and HVAC building automation solutions to Small and medium buildings, Retail commercial outlets and branches, Corporate offices, Hotels & Hospitality buildings, schools and college buildings, and industrial & manufacturing factories.

With this powerful modular framework in hand, CAN2GO products are able to combine multiple communication protocols and standards. This has enabled our system integrator community to deliver cost effective solutions to their clients. Today, CAN2GO products for building automation provide control for wired end-devices, as well as wireless end-devices based on EnOcean and ZigBee standards. They support wireless networking through ZigBee mesh, IP networking, as well as chain-link connections through CANbus. They offer bidirectional gateway integration from EnOcean to BACnet and ZigBee to BACnet. CAN2GO products also have embedded servers that host a complete BACnet IP web-based interface.