Oeteck Communication Co. Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of professional test & measurement instruments for Telecommunication and Data Communications industry. Oeteck offers various models of Cable Fault Locator Testers and Theft-Proof Cable Alarm Locator. Oeteck’s OE-series Telcom Cable Fault Locator can test long run of coaxial and twisted pair cables in telecommunication applications. It utilizes high speed microprocessor and sampling speed of 500 Mega Sample/sec for better resolution and display better wave shapes.

Cable Fault Locator Tester and Theft-Proof Cable AlarmThe VOP for each cable depending on the cable dimension is set. A narrow electric pulse of 30 nsec to 3 msec with a fast rise time is sent on the cable that reflects back from the fault point/far end. The distance to the fault is then computed automatically and displayed in meters.

OE-series Telecom Cable Fault Locator instrument working on TDR and bridge methods, adopting advanced micro-electronics technology. It is designed to locate accurate fault points in such cables as telecommunication plastic cable or user’s lead covered wire, while the faults include break, mix, earthing, defective insulation, or poor connecting.

Cable Theft-Proof & Alarm Locator

Oeteck OE-8/16N is a new generation of anti-theft alarm cable locator class, set the cable theft and computer room environment monitoring in one comprehensive set of disconnected alarm distance, telephone transfer, electronic recording, system networking and remote maintenance in one of the cable anti-theft monitoring products, smaller and more compact installation more convenient.