Industrial Products has upgraded its SurLok Plus high-current connector and
cabling system with a quick-connect and locking system that boasts the high-voltage
interlock loop (HVIL) safety feature as well as EMI shielding for noise


The company is
targeting the SurLok Plus products as a reliable
alternative to common compression lugs in high-end battery systems to ensure safety
and proper operation. They are particularly suitable for use in hybrid and
fully electric vehicles as well as in energy storage for commercial and
residential battery storage systems.

SurLok Plus compression lug is optimized for battery pack connectors operating
at currents from 50 A to 400 A using a touch-safe interface. The connectors,
which offer industry-standard crimp, screw, and busbar termination options, are
easy to install and eliminate the need to purchase torque tools.

The upgraded SurLok Plus system offers a flexible, quick-lock, and
press-to-release design to accommodate dimensional constraints. And, with
RADSOK technology, it ensures quick mating. Overall, it significantly increases
amperage while reducing insertion force, temperature rise, and voltage drop.

The high-current cabling system is IP67-rated and comes in an unsealed
configuration. But there is also a version that provides environmental sealing
to protect the system from external elements.