Baumer launched the new CFDK 25 capacitive sensor for the reliable detection of liquid levels in confined spaces. The sensor is characterized by its very flat housing and versatile mounting options. It detects liquids through container materials. Apart from the use in lab automation the sensor is also suitable for applications in printing and packaging machines or in assembly and handling systems where space is at a premium. It can e.g. be countersunk flush beneath a conveyor belt in order to detect objects on it.

Liquid Level Detection Capacitive SensorThe very flat housing design with a height of only 6 mm allows easy installation e.g. between a container and the wall. To further facilitate the integration of the capacitive sensor into machines and facilities, Baumer offers a matching innovative mounting frame. Using this frame, the sensor can be installed not only with screws but also with cable ties, Velcro fastener or glue. For liquid level measurements at mobile repositories, e.g. waste containers in lab automation, the same sensor can be used for several containers where frames are already attached. The sensor can be removed from and re-installed into the mounting frame easily and without tools.

Four fixed sensing distances from 2 to 15 mm supersede a potentiometer and turn the CFDK 25 into a plug-and-play solution. In order to guarantee chemical resistance and thus a long product life also under demanding conditions, the housing of the capacitive sensor is made of the robust plastic Polyamid 12.