Cozir carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors are very low-power sensors used for CO2 monitoring and CO2 detector alarms. CO2 sensors are used for carbon dioxide (CO2) testers, carbon dioxide analyzers, gas monitoring and gas leak detector alarms. Cozir carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors are self-powered wireless sensors powered by energy harvesting technology in which the sensor draws ambient energy from motion, light or temperature differences in its surroundings. Cozir carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors are manufactured by Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) Ltd.

Carbon Dioxide Sensor for CO2 Monitoring & Detector AlarmThe combination of very low power consumption and instantaneous warm-up make the COZIR carbon dioxide sensors ideal for use in battery powered applications such as hand-held devices and wireless systems where low duty cycle is important to maximise battery life. COZIR carbon dioxide sensor consumes only 3.5mW in continuous operation, with two carbon dioxide measurements per second, and is typically 50 times lower powered than standard NDIR sensors.

Applications of Cozir carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors

Enabled by self-powered wireless technology, the COZIR CO2 sensor works entirely without batteries and is absolutely maintenance-free. It also has very low power consumption and a fast warm-up time of less than two seconds, making it ideal for applications such as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitoring, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, Industrial, Safety, Horticultural and Building Control.

Advantages of Cozir carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors

The COZIR low power consumption CO2 sensors offer a range of unique benefits compared to conventional NDIR carbon dioxide gas sensors:

  • Low power consumption.
  • Battery operated 3.3 volts.
  • Auto calibration.
  • Compatible with wireless communications.
  • Minimal power-up time.
  • Standard digital output.