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NTC PTC Thermistor & Thermocouple Terminology Glossary

Alpha (α) Temperature coefficient of resistance (alpha, α). Beta (ß) Material constant (Beta, ß). Curie point Switch temperature (Ts). Current-time characteristic The current-time characteristic is the relationship at a specified ambient temperature between the current through a thermistor and time, upon the application or interruption of voltage to it. D.C. Dissipation constant (D.C. or delta, […]

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AC (Alternating Current) Current which passes from the generator in one direction and then the other, alternately. AC Ripple The alternating current superimposed on the dc bias after rectification in a power supply. Aerogel Capacitor These capacitors use carbon aerogel to attain immense electrode surface area, can attain huge values, up to thousands of farads. […]

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Film Capacitors discussed: Types of film capacitors, Polyester Film Capacitors, Polycarbonate Film Capacitors, Polystyrene Film Capacitors, Polypropylene Film Capacitors

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Tantalum Vs Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors compared and contrasted for their advantages, disadvantages, applications, alternatives. Considerations on substituting an Aluminum Capacitor for a Tantalum Capacitor.

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Resistor Technologies: advantages (pros), disadvantages (cons), and applications of Carbon Composition Resistors, Metal Film Resistors, Foil Resistors, Fuse Resistors, Precision and High Power Wirewound Resistors.

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Electronics Component Selection Guide For Analog/Digital Design: Functional, Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal, Compliance, and Manufacturing Considerations, Testability Considerations, Reliability Requirement, Engineering Aspects, DFE Considerations, Alternate part selection in case of obsolescence.

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Non-Ideal Characteristics of Resistor: Resistance, power Derating Curves, Temperature/Voltage Coefficient of Resistance, Pulse Stability, Resistor Noise, High frequency characteristics, Resistor Stability, Drift, Aging, Current Rating of Zero-Ohm Jumper, Limitting Element Voltage (LEV), tolerance.

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Resistor Selection guidelines for Analog and Digital Circuit Design: Resistance, power rating (wattage), tolerance, smd package/footprint, Derating Curves, Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Current Rating of Zero-Ohm Jumper

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Connectors for electronics board soldering assembly for equipment manufacturing.

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High Power and Precision Wirewound Resistors are discussed about their manufacturing, materials, packages, electrical characteristics, reliability guidelines, selection guidelines, and applications.

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