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Optical Transmitter Waveform Analysis on Digital Communications Analyzer

Agilent Technologies introduced a new measurement solution for optical transmitter compliance testing on the Agilent 86100D Digital Communications Analyzer (DCA). The solution offers the industry’s highest bandwidth optical waveform analysis and increased accuracy. Digital Communications Analyzer provides a new approach, known as System Impulse Response Correction (SIRC), which enables multimode optical receivers with bandwidths in […]

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Scintillometer Scintillometer is not to be confused with Scintillation counter. Scintillometer is a scientific device used to measure small fluctuations of the refractive index of air caused by variations in temperature, humidity, and pressure. It consists of an optical or radio wave transmitter and a receiver at both ends of an atmospheric propagation path. The […]

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Radiation Dosimeter is a device, instrument or system that measures or evaluates, either directly or indirectly, the quantities exposure, kerma, absorbed dose or equivalent dose, or their time derivatives (rates), or related quantities of ionizing radiation. A dosimeter along with its reader is referred to as a dosimetry system. Ionizing radiation, such as X-rays, alpha […]

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Geiger Counter (or Geiger-Müller Counter) is a type of particle detector that measures ionizing radiation. Geiger Counter instruments detect the emission of nuclear radiation: alpha particles, beta particles or gamma rays. A Geiger counter detects radiation by ionization produced in a low-pressure gas in a Geiger-Müller tube. Each particle detected produces a pulse of current, […]

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Profilometer is an instrument used to measure a surface’s profile, in order to quantify its roughness. The profilometer measures the vertical depth of a material across a specified horizontal length. The profile is displayed on a printable graphical interface. Uses for this equipment include measuring etch depth, deposited film thickness, and surface roughness. the most […]

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Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced the first commercially available capacitance calibration standard for an Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). The scientific solutions provider issued calibration specifications for capacitance measurements that allow quantitative assessment of material and device properties via its award-winning Scanning Microwave Microscopy Mode. Researchers from Agilent collaborated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology […]

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Tacheometer is a Theodolite designed for rapid surveying measurements. Tacheometer is also called as Tachymeter. Tacheometer is an Electronic Theodolite that is used for rapid measurements and determines, electronically or electro-optically, the distance to target, and is highly automated in its operations. Tachymetry or tacheometry is the process of measuring distance indirectly. This can be […]

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Theodolite is an inclinometer precision instrument for measuring angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. Theodolites are mainly used for surveying applications, and have been adapted for specialized purposes in fields like meteorology and rocket launch technology. Theodolite will be used for general topographic surveying application and in particular for position fixing during discharge measurements […]

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Aeroflex Limited launched Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set that support testing of 3G WCDMA/HSPA and GSM/GPRS, and data call hand-over between LTE and HSPA. Aeroflex 7100 LTE network emulator for testing the RF, baseband and protocol layers of wireless devices supporting multiple Radio Access Technologies. The 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set with […]

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Tracer-gas leak testing method is a nondestructive testing method. The concept of the tracer gas leak test system is to trace escaped gases that exist at a low concentration in the atmosphere. Tracer-gas Leak Detectors and Testers offer more advantages than conventional Pressure Decay Leak Detectors. Tracer gas leak testing method is typically used for […]

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Helium Leak Detector & Tester is a device that uses tracer-gas leak testing method. Helium mass spectrometer leak detectors are used in production line industries such as refrigeration and air conditioning, automotive parts, carbonated beverage containers, food packages and aerosol packaging, as well as in the manufacture of steam products, gas bottles, fire extinguishers, tire […]

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Agilent Technologies introduced the industry’s highest performance HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator. This instrument allows designers and engineers to test their devices to ensure they meet the requirements of the HDMI compliance test specification 1.4a (CTS 1.4a). HDMI 1.4a protocol analyzer and generator helps designers innovate and take advantage of the full capabilities of […]

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Microwave power meter is an instrument which measures the electrical power at microwave frequencies. Usually a microwave power meter will consist of a measuring head which contains the actual power sensing element, connected via a cable to the meter proper, which displays the power reading. The head may be referred to as a power sensor […]

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Gravimeter (or Gravity Meter, Gravitometer) is an instrument used in gravimetry for measuring the local gravitational field of the Earth. A gravimeter is a type of accelerometer, specialized for measuring the constant downward acceleration of gravity, which varies by about 0.5% over the surface of the Earth. Gravimeters are used for petroleum and mineral prospecting, […]

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Sound (Noise) and vibration measurements often require high-resolution digitizers to capture the necessary signal details. The Data Translation’s DT9837 Series high accuracy dynamic signal acquisition modules are ideal for portable noise, vibration, and acoustic measurements. Four, 24-bit, IEPE (Integrated Electronic Piezoelectric) sensor inputs are synchronized with a tachometer input (depending on the model selected) to […]

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Depth Gauges are instruments used to measure the depth of water, or depth of slots and holes drilling. Water depth gauges are used by scuba divers to display the equivalent depth in water (sea or river), where as depth gauge micrometers are precision depth measuring instruments used for measuring the depth of holes, slots and […]

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Video data rates have quadrupled in the last five years. To support these data rates the bandwidths of transmission media needs to keep pace. For example the current video standard (HDMI) requires that a cable is capable of transmitting at 10.2Gbps. This data rate with a bit time of 297 Pico-seconds on each of 3 […]

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Agilent Technologies introduced the E5072A vector network analyzer for wireless RF network testing measurement and analysis. The Agilent ENA Series network analyzers offer a wide range of LF to RF solutions, from very low cost basic S-parameter measurements to advanced multiport and balanced measurements. E5072A RF network analyzer is designed to meet multiple network analysis […]

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Tektronix offers a technical document on “TCP/IPv4 and Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Debugging with the Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes”. This application note begins with an overall view of the operation of the Internet Protocol Suite which is the foundation of the Internet implementation. Next, the operation of each Internet Protocol layer is discussed. Throughout the application note the […]

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Tektronix offers RF Express software, a free software for creating and editing RF IF waveforms. RFXpress is a software package to synthesize digitally modulated base band, IF and RF signals. It takes IQ, IF and RF signal generation to the next level and fully exploits the wideband signal generation capabilities of Tektronix arbitrary waveform generators […]

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